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Drew Beats


DrewBeats is a Memphis Based Music Producer and Recording Artist focusing on a unique blend of Electronica, Hip-Hop, and Bass music. Through his passion for a wide spectrum of music, he creates a new and meaningful journey in each song.


DrewBeats was born in 2017 and has been making waves in the scene ever since. He is multifaceted when it comes to the production of his music.

Between writing his own lyrics, singing and/or rapping, creating his own original, organic sounds, and using live instrumentation, his magical touch takes you on a beautiful journey with each and every song.



His versatility has shown in all of his works, and you can feel the love and passion he puts into each track. Every song that he creates tells a story. His songs vary from down-tempo to upbeat, all of them layered with different instruments and organic sounds. He classifies his music as experimental electronica with a spacey, hip hop, old school vibe.