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Damien Peck

Mr. Damien Peck is a Memphis native who has been spreading the word of inspiration through teaching and music for over 12 years. As a life coach, recording artist and motivational speaker, he has deep spiritual roots within the church where his journey first began. His experience guiding the youth ministry, singles ministry and being a motivational speaker for men in his community, inspired him to start his own organization O.P.E.N. (Overcoming Problems Effectively Now) August 2019. Damien coined the popular catch phrase “Say it like you feel it” as an ode to the vision he possesses when spreading knowledge through personal experience in hopes of shedding light and helping those dealing with similar life situations and personal relationships.
“My past does not define who I am, but it has helped mold me into the wise man that you see today”  ~D. Peck~