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One-on-One with Tyrese Gibson, Star of the New Action-Thriller “Black and Blue”

Written by on October 24, 2019

By Donte Chase Bridges | October 24st

“You cannot expect to walk away and not be affected by this movie.” – Tyrese Gibson

If you have eyes, ears, and live in America, you’ve seen and heard about the police brutality that
terrorizes our streets continuously. No more is the day where violence, similar to the Rodney
King beating, isn’t captured by a strangers video camera. Fortunately for moviegoers, these
pressing issues have now been revealed in the gritty action thriller Black and Blue- a story about
rookie New Orleans Officer Alicia West (Naomi Harris) exposing the corruption of dirty cops,
ultimately, finding herself on the wrong end of the law.

I feel passionately about Black and Blue because it has such a powerful, impactful, and
important message. So it was a special experience for me to be a part of a film like this. –
Actress Naomi Harris

Tyrese Gibson shows off his acting chops as Milo Jackson, a longtime friend that helps rookie
Officer Alicia West evade the crooked cops looking to silence her for good. Born in Los
Angeles, California, the acting veteran got his big break in the nationally televised Coca-Cola
commercial, where he showcased his chart-topping R&B skills. From humble beginnings, Tyrese
has gone on to star in such films as Baby Boy, the Transformers’ franchise, Fast & Furious, and
his latest action-thriller Black and Blue.

I had a chance to sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with Tyrese Gibson to find out
his feelings on making a film that tackles a controversial topic such as police corruption.

WIAN: How deep do you feel the friction between police brutality and the black
community goes?

Tyrese: I just think the tension between the Inner-City and Law Enforcement goes all the way
back to the Civil Rights Movement. In this movie, we wanted to speak up on the abuse of power,
smuggling drugs, police corruption, or anything that has nothing to do with what police officers
first committed to.

WIAN: Why do you feel the audience will be drawn to your new movie (Black and Blue)
about police corruption?
Tyrese: This topic will always be relevant. I can go on social media right now and all I have to
do is go down my timeline and see so many cases of police brutality. When I was broke and
living at the bottom, I felt a way about all those police officers that beat the hell out of Rodney
King. And you got to keep in mind that when this all happened, there were no body cams; it was
just someone who rolled out of bed with a video camera and decided to film it.

WIAN: You’ve done so many box office action movies in your career; does it feel fulfilling
to dive into a film that tackles a very deep subject such as police corruption?
Tyrese: I find myself trying to find a balance between big box office movies with CGI and
special effects, and movies that don’t have a lot of money on the table but an opportunity to
create a shift. What a blessing it is to work on a project that pulls on your heartstrings with
medicine inside the food that’s going to catch people off guard.

WIAN: How was it like working in New Orleans, Louisiana, known for being one of the
most corrupt police force in the country?
Tyrese: Our entire set was protected and secured by New Orleans police officers. This movie is
not about the mayor, who is currently in jail right now. We wanted to focus on police corruption
and anyone who had a moral compass and wanted to focus on doing the right thing. It doesn’t
matter what ghetto you living in, there is localized politics everywhere, but it’s really the same
s*** different toilet.

WIAN: Has your view of the police been personally affected by making this film, and does
this film make you look at Police Enforcement differently than before?
Tyrese: There’s only so many roles that have this much raw unapologetic truth in it. You cannot
expect to walk away and not be affected by this. I’ve seen this movie three times, and I swear, I
jump up and down at certain scenes even now. I think when people see it, because it’s so
relatable, everyone will be affected by this.

For more information on Black & Blue go to https://www.blackandblue.movie/

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