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The Herbal Legends August 8, 2019



Jason (The Captain) and Cristian (Toro), affectionately known as Team 13, wants to live in a world where we can have
different options and outlooks on life but still be able to coexist with our neighbors. As two people who have worked in the corporate and private sectors, they’re also married with children; they are entrepreneurs, and many other titles that most people carry every day.

They want to broadcast on websites, podcasts, and all forms of media to help get people through the day and life situations the way most get through those difficult days and times, with jokes, laughs, lessons and knowledge.

When they’re not on the internet recording their podcast for the masses they are enjoying time with their family, church and traveling whenever possible. You can usually find them at home enjoying movies, cooking and brain storming on how to better themselves and situations around them.

Their latest project, Herban Legends hits the airwaves and internet on 08/09/2019 at 9
p.m. CST.

You can catch all their shows on www.wianradio.com or WIAN Radio app, on Anchor https://anchor.fm/jason-cristian and listen for us on Spotify by downloading the app. You can also find and follow them on Facebook (Herban Legends Radio Show), Instagram (HerbanLegendsRadio) and Twitter (Herban Legends Radio). Discover more about this lofty couple at www.wianradio.com. Email questions and topics for future discussions to herbanlegendsradio@gmail.com.